GloSIC admits original scientific papers in English that present novel theoretical and/or experimental results in the conference scope, and have not been previously published and are not being submitted to another conference or journal.

The International Program Committee will select papers according to their content, theoretical and practical contribution, and quality of English.

Content of the paper should meet the following basic requirements:

  • topicality (the paper should consider some problem of state-of-the-art science and/or technology that is interesting to the scientific community);
  • scientific nature (the paper should consider scien-tific aspects of the problem, even if the task itself has a practical application);
  • originality (the paper should present novel results; the survey paper must be approved by the special decision of the Program Committee).

The paper must have a clear structure with the following sections that generally accepted for scientific publications:

  • introduction where the topicality and scientific significance of the study is claimed;
  • a brief review of the related works;
  • problem statement and theoretical part of the study;
  • the practical part of the study (the implementation of programs or prototypes of devices, case studies, experimental results, etc.);
  • conclusions.

The results that are presented in this paper must be justified by particular scientific tools: experimental, mathematical conclusion, mathematical modeling, etc., in order to be considered sufficiently reliable. Materials containing only a hypothesis or untested proposals will not be accepted.

The presented results should be formulated in the form of scientific statements, which clearly define a contribution to science.

The article should be written in an understandable language for an expert in the relevant field. Generally accepted technical terms should be used.

The paper should contain the following information:

  • paper title;
  • author(s) data (name, title, affiliation, full mail address, phone and fax numbers, e-mail address);
  • abstract;
  • keywords;
  • references.

The number of authors must not be more than six. The number of articles that the author may publish in one issue must not be more than two.

The volume of the article is 6-8 full pages.

The article should be typed in the TEMPLATE.